Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Victoria's Secret is Finally in London!

Good news for the wives, bad news for the husbands! nyahaha!
A few weeks ago Victoria's Secret has opened a branch in Westfield Stratford City ,London. What a great news for us VS lovers! *wink* 
Now it would be easy for me to buy my favourite VS scents and have a look at their fabulous collections. And oh a friend told me that they are on sale again 5 items for £25 (selected items I suppose), isn't it a bargain?! :) 

Just another thing, I hope VS will be accessible on-line in the UK soon!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Our Weekend Away

How's your long weekend guys? Have you had the perfect weather for it? Or have you had an inconsistent weather like we had here in England? :D
My husband and I had a great weekend. We went away for my cousins wedding in Eastleigh, Southampton. It was where my husband studied for University so he know the place pretty much. We stayed 2 nights in the hotel nearby my cousin's house, the church for the wedding and reception, so it was a very sensible hotel to stay.

Breakfast, most favourite meal of the day if I am staying in a hotel..Why? Cos it means full English breakfast with choices of fruit juices, fresh fruits and freshly baked breads like my all time favourite pan au chocolat.

And here's what you call full English breakfast. Sausage, bacons, beans, mushrooms, roast tomatoes, egg and hash brown. What a great meal to start your day! *wink*

How about you guys, how did you spend your weekend? Oh not long now and its gonna be weekend again!  :D

Monday, 27 August 2012

Super Thanks sa SuperDry! :D

Gusto ko lang magpasalamt sa aking mapagmahal na asawa sa pagbigay niya ng aking munting hiling.. :D Bonggang bongga ang pamimilit ko at sa huli nadala din siya ng aking charm at kanyang binili ito :)

 Salamat ng marami hun!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Balikbayan Box Sent!

Three weeks had passed since we sent the box to Mama and I wonder which part of the world it is now..(hehe). Five more weeks and Mama would be able to receive it. I hope there would be no problem shipping it to my our province.

 Everyone is so excited to see what they have in the box and I am excited as well for them to receive it. It's a joy for me to share to them what I have even in little things. My siblings likes chocolates to I focused in getting more of that! *wink*

 Here's a sneak peek of some of the items we bought for my family

Safe trip box and we hope LBC would be prompt in delivering you to our door. Hope everyone will like what's in the box! :)  Thank you hunny for all of these! :) xx

Monday, 13 August 2012

Getting Over and Letting Go :'(

It has been almost a month since that tragic day happened. And there are days when I look back and thought about it, I say to myself "You've done very well Roxxy, you've stayed strong". But there are times when I could still feel the pain, fresh and inconsolable as I was that very moment it happened. Just when I thought I am in the peak of getting over it, I burst in tears when my husband played one of the scene in the movie "Tarzan" from you tube
And last night when my husband was reading the "Empty Arms" book with me and one of the mothers said in the book " This was my child who brought me only joy all the days of his life. Thank you God, for that kind of child; it was a gift only you could give." Tears fell from my eyes after hearing this as it is so true. When I had my baby in my tummy everyday was bright and happy and I miss that feeling now. :(

"God's plan is better ours" yan ang lagi kong sinasabi kapag nawawalan ako ng lakas ng loob na lumaban. Kanina bgila na naman akong nalungkot kaya ginawa ko I listen to song I like in You Tube, yan ang lagi kong ginagawa kapag malungkot ako. After constantly looking and listening to songs, I came across sa kantang "He'll Carry You" by Hilary Weeks. Heto pakinggan mo;

He knows your heart
He knows your pain
He knows the strength it took just too simply breathe today
He sees the tears that you cry
He knows your soul is aching to know why
He hears your prayers each humble word
When you said you couldn’t face another day he understood
He knows the path that you will find
Though you felt alone he’s never left your side

He knew there’d be moments when no earthly words
Could take away your sorrow
And no human eyes could see what you’re going through
When you’ve taken your last step and done all that you can do
He will lift your heavy load and carry you

He’ll bring you peace and leave you hope
And in the darkest night he’ll comfort you
Until you know the sun will rise and each new day
You will have the strength to live again

And when there are moments when no earthly words
can take away your sorrow
And no human eyes could see what you’re going through
When you’ve taken your last step and done all that you can do
He will lift your heavy load and carry you

He hears you when you’re crying in the night
He hears you when your soul longs to find
Till the morning will come
And the light of the dawn reassures

It's a wound that only God and time could heal. Ikaw, ano ang kwento mo? xx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Three Weeks Stay-At-Home-Wife

Having signed off from work and stayed in the house for 3 consecutive weeks made me realised how demanding it is being a stay-at-home wife. There are household works waiting to be done everyday and I kept finding more as the day goes by. Brushing the floor, dusting, cleaning the kitchen, laundry and watering the plants (especially the tomatoes) became my routine every morning. I set a date once a week to clean the bathroom and do some ironing twice a week. Ironing is a marathon yet it's my pride to see my husband wearing presentable clothes at work and going out. And cleaning bathroom, laborious! Dust and my hairs are everywhere, but as what my Mama told me, apart from the kitchen it should be the most immaculate place in the house! Right?
I did a really good job clearing our spare room last week. Because I thought of renovating the room sooner, I started to tidy it up. Mum in-law and I did some filling on the wall with cracks and holes and then I cleaned the wall with sugar soap to have it ready for rubbing and painting. I piled the boxes of books in our secret cupboard and so we hope to continue renovating the room when we have sometime so to have it ready for our special someone to be send by God. (big smile)
Another housework I do enjoy now is watering the plants especially our tomatoes. I've been enjoying gardening lately. Thanks to my mum in-law whos' encouraging me to use my spare time in a more productive way rather that sulking in my bedroom, facebooking!hehe..
Cooking dinner for my husband has been my favourite routine for the day. Although it gets tedious sometimes trying to alternate English and Filipino/Asian foods. I don't know much about English food and I guess not so much with Filipino food as well. OK let's just say I am a complete beginner in cooking. I was not interested in cooking at all so I didn't bother to learn I hated it, honestly! Until we've moved to our own house, I realised I have to like it after all. My Mama has been a very good mum and wife and so as my mum in-law and so for me to be like them, I should at least learn how to cook! hehe..
I am just so lucky that my husband isn't a fussy eater. He eats anything except seafood, whatever I cook he eats and above all he likes Filipino food! (Smile).
Being a house wife is indeed demanding and laborious sometimes but the role itself  is fun and at the end of the day a job well done!
It's my last day being a stay-at-home wife and tomorrow I will be back to my working wife role! I am excited and ecstatic to be finally coming back to work to build my confidence again, see my work colleague friends and be able to help my clients! I miss them..
Thank you God for sustaining me in the longest 3 weeks of my life. Thank you for being with me every step of the way and showing that there's still plenty of reason for me to love life and continue living despite of what happened. Thank you for all those wonderful people around me, for their prayers and thoughts.
I am now ready to face the world with you..I know you will soon bestow us the most precious thing our hearts desire.

Friday, 3 August 2012

2nd Anniversary Presents

A month ago today, hunny and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary.Oh yes we are married 2 years already and very very much happy..wink!
And so to celebrate that day, hunny took me out to eat, watched movie and shop (yes shopping!smile) at Westwood Cross, Broadstairs. Although the weather wasn't that great our day was fantastic! We watched the Tom Cruise movie "Rock of Ages"  and guess what? It was exclusive for just the 2 of us..haha nobody watched it that except us so it made our anniversary extra special! wink
And for the exchange gift, I gave my husband this;

Photo taken from Amazon where I purchased the product

He bought a Nokia Lumia 710 mobile a month ago in replacement for his old one that I broke (peace hun). And as I feel awkward of him using my girly phone pouch I though of getting him this 5-in-1 accessory pack of Nokia Lumia. Which includes a leather flip case cover, anti scratch  screen protector, stylus pen, car charger and USB ad apter. He like and it has been very useful :)
And my present is this;

A matching Lacoste bag and shoes! I tell you what, I was so spoilt that day..wink! Thanks hun especially for that very special present you gave but didn't come true, lets asked it again as our Birthday present :). Happy 2 years and 1 month today! I love you so much!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Our Back Garden

I am so pleased that the previous owners of our house were keen gardeners and had invested so much time with the garden. The landscaping and arrangement of our front garden is very good. And aside from that I am so happy I have a very good parents in-law who's at the same time loves gardening a lot.Father in-law has a good gardening backgrounds as his parents used to own a big nursery where they grew and sold vegetables and flowers. And in my mother in-laws case, she has a good touch and loves gardening..(smile) My sister in-law inherited the touch and interest but unfortunately my hunny didn't!But despite of that our garden is doing well.

We have apple trees in our backyard, tomatoes, lettuce, newly planted leeks and purple sprout (like broccoli), chillies, and 3 different colours of hydrangea.
I am so proud of what we've done to our back garden with the help of my parents in-law especially mum. We turned our out grown back garden into a flowery and fruitful garden.
It's been a joy waking up seeing all of these everyday. Having my in-laws to help me has been a big advantage for an inexperienced gardener like me. Now I am ready, willing and keen to learn gardening!
How about you guys, how's your garden doing?

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Our Little Sanctuary

Welcome and Come In!

Ever since we moved in to our new house I haven't really shared much about the house move and the house itself. So it's time for me to share about our little sanctuary!
Welcome to 8 Makenade Avenue,our little sanctuary, our humble home. It is a semi-detached house and was built in 1935. It is near the train station, town centre, library, post office, grocery store and above all it is just 10-15 minutes walk to where I work. Perfect location!
The previous owners of this house were an elderly couple and has lived here for 50 years. They both love gardening that's why we have this lovely front garden, two green houses (one was demolished), and plenty of plant pots (big and small). hehe
Now we have lived here for just almost 4 months yet it feels like I've lived here 4 years. I fell in love with this house the first time I saw it on our first viewing. And of all the houses we viewed this is just the only house I felt at home and instantly saw myself living in here.
And how we got the house? Quite a chased! I felt so sure of the house even though there were so much to do to update it in a 21st century standard. I told my husband to put an offer but he wasn't sure so we left it for a bit. But because I am dying to get the house, I had a look again through the Internet and it said it has been taken out of the market! Someone has fancied it and put an offer!
I was so furious and upset. I rang the estate agent and alas! he confirmed to me that someone had put and offer and the owner has accepted it! I hurriedly rang my husband, nagged him and just like a brat, I asked him to do something to get it because I wanted it so much!
I was so disappointed and I cried to my mother in-law. And as always she supported me that the house is the right one for us. Actually she liked the house as well, she was the one who saw it in the Internet and told us. Now as I felt hopeless, all I did was prayed and thought if it is for us by hook or by crook we will get it and I left it in the hands of my husband.
He rang the estate agent and put an offer to the house guessing it was bigger than what the first bidder offered. The waiting game was tedious but thanks GOD he planned this house for us, our second offer was accepted! Hooray! We got it!
And since then our bank account hasn't been recovered! haha..Updating it is expensive yet we know in the long run when we've finished renovating our little sanctuary, it's gonna be worth it! :)
Now we are enjoying and happily living in this place we call HOME!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Our Visit to Mount Ephraim Garden

HOlla! 26th of May this year was one of the early taste of summer for me. It was a wonderful, sunny weekend to have fun with family and for us, it was a perfect day for a kiss and make up! *wink*
Yes, after my hunny screwed my week  we decided to spend our weekend exploring the splendid garden of Mt. Ephraim. A 5-10 minutes drive from our place..Here are some of the many photos we took;

 The Beautiful topiaries

 Father in-law inspecting the history of Rose Garden

We had a great time with the kids and with parents in-law!  Pictures and memories are worth remembering..
Have a great summer!

Time to Share

Yes I admit, I lost tracked with my blog for a long time!I failed to share so many memories, happy and sad moments, ideas, struggles, special celebrations, photos, bad news and good news and a lot more things I should have or happy to share with you my wonderful blog friends and followers. To be honest I do open my blog most of the time, and as I've said I had so much to share yet I still ended up no entries for the month of June! I don't know but I just can't be bothered that time. Now all those thoughts, ideas and memories are clogged in my head and shouting and begging to be shared with you guys. Although I can't share all of it in a day, I will make sure I'll post one each day. By the way I would like to thank all my blog visitors for dropping by my blog although it is totally out of date! Thank you so much guys for your time and effort leaving thoughtful thoughts for me which I really need at the moment! :) Cheerio!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

♥ We Were Supposed to Have a Baby But We Had an Angel Instead ♥

To My Dearest Little Angel 

I was over the moon when I knew you were growing in my tummy.
I adore and love you so much even though I haven't seen you.
I carried you very carefully for the 11 weeks you were inside me.
Everyday I woke up with so much joy and excitement in my heart 
knowing each day I am getting closer to seeing you my dearest little angel.

But I don't know what went wrong,
I woke up with spots of blood telling me that my little angel isn't safe any more.
I was so scared, I can't imagine losing you, I wouldn't know what to do.
I prayed and prayed, asked my little angel to be strong and to hold on for Mummy and Daddy.
Slowly the pain elevates and just then I knew sooner or later I might be losing you.

I felt so helpless, hysterical and above all, scared.
I can feel the blood rushing out of me, pouring down the bed,
I couldn't move, I don't want to move,
I wanted to keep you so badly, so desperately.
Although my heart gets weaker and weaker every time I felt the blood coming out of me,
I didn't lose hope, I didn't want to lose the hope that you would be staying with me and Daddy.

The doctor tried to spot you with the ultrasound inside Mummy's womb
And for the first time I saw you,
My heart was beating fast, I was delighted to see you and more desperate to keep you.
Although the doctor told me he can't hear any heartbeat,
I didn't lose hope because my heart was beating for you.

I can bear the pain and all the blood loss,
But the thought of you leaving me, I can't bear.
The most painful memory was lying there on the hospital bed so helpless
Just waiting to lose my little angel.

My abdominal pain didn't seem to get any worse after taking some pain relief.
I wish it lessened the pain I felt in my heart, but it didn't, it just sent me to sleep.
After five hours of sleep, I woke up from my nightmare, which unfortunately was real.
Much as I was losing my blood, I was not losing my tears.

The pain covered me and a sudden melancholy invaded me.
I went to the toilet to relieve myself,
I felt something bulky came out of me,
And when I tried to have a look,
Right in front of me, swimming in a bloody liquid was my dearest little angel.
"Oh my Lord!", my heart was ripped and I didn't know what to do,
I wanted to save my little angel, but there was nothing I could do.
Desperately wanting to cuddle my little angel,
I picked up my little angel and lay it on a piece of clean paper.
I held my little angel and carried it with me to my bed.

I wanted to run away with my little angel, but I knew I had to face it and I couldn't do anything,
But trust my little angel to the hands of God, who does great things for us.

I feel so sorry, so guilty and irresponsible.
I could have been extra careful.
Now I don't know where to start, how to pick up the pieces and face life again.
I lost myself just as I lost my little angel.

We love you so so much our little angel,
You will always be in Mummy and Daddy's heart forever.
Some day at the right time,
Mummy and Daddy will finally hold you
and cuddle you in our arms.

Lots and lots of Love
Mummy and Daddy xxxx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Summer Has Finally Reached England!

Hello Hello Hello! Welcome back in blogging world Roxxy, it's been a while since you shared something.Your post hasn't been as consistent as it was but there you go, welcome back! *wink* 

Summer has finally reached England.Hooray! This glorious weather has been with us for more than a week now. You could see a lot of people getting busy enjoying the sun wearing their fabulous summer dresses. Gardens in most of the houses look more colourful and weeds free (like ours..*wink*). I'm sure most of you guys has planned you holiday already, I envy you cos it seems like we wont have ours until later this year as we are still catching up with the expenses in the house. Well anyway I'm sure we could still find a low cost getaway or just maybe enjoy our weekends (if I'm lucky to be off from work) visiting interesting places round Kent (I'm sure there's plenty!). 

How about you guys, what's your summer plans? Are you going on a holiday somewhere?


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Our Anniversary Countdown

Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Anniversary tickers Every night before I sleep, I never fail to thank God for the day I had. Whether it was a good or a bad day. And I know God was so pleased and happy about it, because HE decided to make my days perfect for the rest of my life....HE put my husband on it.