Thursday, 30 September 2010

We're Going to Wakefield, Yorkshire!

Hello to my blogger friends, visitors and to my precious 61 followers. I just want to inform you guys that I'll be off from blogging world for a couple of days. We are living tomorrow, Friday, a 6 hours drive to Yorkshire for the wedding of my hunny's cousin Rob. I'll be back on Sunday cos my hunnybun needs to work by Monday and it's his birthday so need to sort things out for it as well.We'll have the house for a week cos my PIL are staying in Yorkshire for a week, they'll be back next Saturday.. So goodbye for a while, I'll see you again and I'll keep in touch on Sunday with some interesting photos of Yorkshire hopefully (oh reminds me to charge our Just g=feel free to leave me message and I'll catch up with you when I get back! Cheers!Have a lovely weekend guys!

Highschool Life

It looks so nostalgic this photo isn't it?hehe.. This is me and my bestie's when I was in high school and until now. Our name are written on the photo so I don't need to tell you who's who and where am I. I'm proud to say that all of these lass are nurses already, oh no except Wena she's a computer teacher in a catholic church as well and me I'm happily married! Hope they'll be able to find their own destiny too and be as happy as me. Anyways, see this green and white medal we are wearing? We used to wear it every Friday as a member of COM (children of Mary), one of the religious group we have at school. I came from a catholic school you see, so that means you have to know all the prayer, pray the rosary, do the novena every Wednesday, attend mass every Sunday and the special mass during Lenten season before. I can't remember of the 4 or 5 prayers we used to pray before we start our class in the morning.hehe..Something like Act of Faith, love, contrition,hope. Do you recognise these sort of prayers? Haay high school life, so much fun it was. Those times when I didn't know anything but to study and make sure I made it to the top ten which I did for 4 years (weeh). I always dream about my high school life but it seems like it's always a disaster! Either I can't answer my teachers questions or I haven't done my home work..grrrr..Anyways, my batch mates and classmates I think are planning for a reunion sometime this year but obviously I can't attend. Just hope they'll enjoy it and just give me update chika with each and everyone and would be glad to see some photos as well!

Enjoy more about the past here in Nostalgia at Nostalgic Marveling hosted by mommy Rose

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

What she Wants from him- What he wants from her

Another CC week! Well, I'll go straight to the topic " What we want from each other". Hmmm..when it comes to my hunnybun's time and attention I am so demanding. That's what I really want from him most. He knows that ever since especially when I was in the Philippines, we used to set Saturdays as "Roxxy Time". Which meant he cannot commit to any appointments on that day cos that's our day, MY day. So he often missed his cricket practiced, pub nights with friends and some occasions (except family ones) before. He still does missed some now,hehe..I want me and him moment once in a while like on weekends.I really am a KSP (kulang sa pansin) when it comes to my hunnybun, maybe because I know bumebenta sa kanya ang pagka KSP ko.haha..If he plays in the computer kukulitin ko xa kasi I want a cuddle and if he spends too much time downstairs and I'm just alone upstairs nagagalit ako (di naman kaya ako selfish?hehe). I want his TLC when I'm sick, like last week when I had cold, he made my drinks (honey and lemon), put olbas oil on my back with massage, tap my back when I cough and prepare my meds. Most of all I always want him to listen to me when I talk, his sympathy when I feel homesick and one important thing that I want from him is to understand that I am forever committed to help my family as much as I can. So to top it all,I want him to stay the " James" I knew and fell in love with.
 O well, as for my hunnybun I know what he wants from me. He said this to our marriage counsellor before our wedding. He wants me to organise him and his things (abah?!) which I love doing.. hehe. He wants me to lessen my sensitivity (which makes him crazy) and stop over reacting with some things (which I usually do to tease him),let him use the computer for bit longer (no!bleeh..), stop complaining that I am fat (cos I am not, he said..wehehe) and above all he wants me to stop my favourite torture to him, the "silent mode with tiger look".haha..No worries hunnybun, wifey is trying to act maturely now. You see I haven't done it all to you lately (wink!).lol..I've been working at it hunnybun, so spare me more patience which I know you never fail to give me. In 5 years I guess hunny I'll be able to do all of these. haha..I love you so much!

Enjoy more Marriage life talks here at Couples Corner hosted by Ate Liz. Have a great day!

Monday, 27 September 2010

What's Inside Chatsworth House

Hello! This Tuesday we are back again to Chatsworth House. I've blogged quite a few about it during our visit there on our honeymoon.Most of it were just the outside features and now time to get inside Chatsworth and discover what's in it. The tour starts here;

This magnificent staircase and breath taking ceiling paintings will be the first bits to catch your eye as you get in the house.

This is the ceiling of the chapel inside the house

Another captivating stairs with my bunny on it 

The paintings of the duke and duchess of Devonshire and my prince charming standing in front of it

More paintings of Duchess and Duke of Devonshire in the past reigning 

The oak room 

Carriages of prince's and pincesses of Devonshire

Hope you enjoyed the tour and my presentation! Sculpture house in Chatsworth next week's feature!For the meantime enjoy more Ruby photos in Ruby Tuesday and lovely sceneries all over the world at My World Tuesday. Have a lovely day!

"Big Fish" for Tonight!

 We are going to film club tonight! This is a club from our church which my hunnybun's a member.It is run by his friend Phil who is a film collector and expert. They meet up I think every 1st Monday of the month in our church and watched film and they discussed it afterwards, what they think and what the director wanted to convey and how does it reflect to us as a Christian. And tonight they are meeting again after summer break, and I'll be joining again for the 3rd time.The 1st film I've watched was No Country for Old Men, the 2nd was Into the Wild and tonight we are going to watch Big Fish which is a story of a son trying to learn more about his dying father by reliving stories and myths of the stories his father told about him.Such an exciting story as from the trailer isn't it? Looking forward of it later! Goodnight..

Sunday, 26 September 2010


This is the beautiful town of Folkestone! I took this when we went there on bank holiday last August. Lovely landscape isn't it? Joining this to Scenic Sunday meme. Have a great week ahead! =)

Saturday, 25 September 2010

We Call her "Chio"

This is "Chio" our half Belgian breed pet dog back in the Philippines. It's me who gave her this name, got it from the Japanese movie "Memoirs of Geisha", one of my favourite movie.We took this photo the day my brother in law brought her home.So that means she's more than a year old now.We dressed her like a boy for we thought she was he.hehe.. She's so cuddly, bit loud especially when doggy guys come pass by my sister's house. That's all I can remember of her when I was there. And one thing I won't ever forget about her was that I always washed and clean her poo after I've finished my laundry. Eeww..
How about you?Any critters you want to share?Just visit Camera Critters Meme for more. Have fun blogging and blog walking! Blessed Sunday!

Friday, 24 September 2010

2008 Christmas Eve

Hello mga bloggers here in Flashback Photo Friday and to the host  =) , it's my first time to join this meme. It's always nice to share old photos and tell the story of it isn't it? Anyways, obviously the occasion on my photo is Christmas, everybody's favourite occasion! This was at my brother in law's family house during Christmas eve 2008. And these two lovely ladies are my sisters. Actually I still have another sister she's just not in this photo. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Haay Kay Boring ng Day na to!

I haven't done any useful thing today so far I think! I've been facing the pc all day but didn't even manage to post for Nostalgia which was my actual sched kaya ko pinost ang CC yesterday to fit the blooming schedule! grrr..Paano kasi kakainis tong trangkaso ko, yong ulo ko parang lumulutang di ako maka tagal sa pc, I feel so dizzy. Haay hopefully I'll feel completely better tomorrow. Back to job hunting again kasi di ako natanggap sa job na inaplayan ko..whew! hirap! But I know God has plan for me, sana makita ko na soon. Good night! Thanks to all my followers, my blogger friends for always visiting my blog and take time to give a thoughtful thoughts for Roxxy..

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Hardest Days will Always be Better in the End..

 Another day of sharing about marriage life, I love this although not much to share in this week's topic.Pwede bang in engagement life te?hehe.. Since hunnybun and I were just married for 2 months, not long to be 3 months never had the so called "hardest days of our marriage" yet. But as couple, since we were engaged I guess there were few as far as I can remember. Oh well, the hardest days of our lives as a couple was every time I take hunnybun to the airport going back here in England.Oh dear my whole world stopped turning as soon as bunny starts packing his suitcase on his 1st, 2nd and 3rd visits, worst was his 1st visit. I didn't know it would be that hard, after all I was just with him in 17days and it feels like I've known and been with him ever since I've known the world. Haay I love everyday we spent but it scared me as well knowing each day means another day closer of him going back here.We cried so much in the airport, it makes me smile when I think about it now cos it was like a teleserye, we were crying hugging each other in front of the entrance,everybody was looking at us but the hell I care!We even had a long kiss in front of everyone! (shuks!haha) And then I saw a Filipina taking her foreigner bf in the airport as well but she wasn't crying like I did. Oh how will I forget what my hunnybun said before he went inside the airport, " I had the best days of my life here, I love you so much! ". See, how will you without his presence then, days seemed to passed slowly by then. Until we decided to apply for my visa. My hunnybun wants me to meet his parents first so we applied for a tourist visa to be quicker. After 2 months my bunny came back again in the Philippines for a week only to go with me in my interview.But then God tested our patience, the result was delivered the night before hunnybun's flight going back here, I was denied! It was again tear-filled night, I did cried but hunnybun cried harder than I did.(toink! Sabi nya laki na gastos ko!haha..kidding!) Haay nabihag ko ng bonggang bongga ang heart ng Briton na to, I said. Pano kasi  he cried more than I did, so I just stopped kasi di na makasingit ang iyak ko! (haist!toink!) Enough of the joke side, we faced life by strenghten each other and with our love. Dumating ang December he came back to the Philippines again for the 3rd time. I felt so guilty cos I was thinking my hunny worked so hard just to save it to send to me and for his plane tickets to visit me.God heard my plea he granted my fiancee visa. But it doesn't end there, I am not putting Filipino down but crab mentality and jealousy are always the bad side. Before I left our country sandamakmak ang paninira sa akin just to brainwash my bunny of marrying me and bringing me here. Bago nga pala ako umalis, my bunny built me a little concrete house which with my little creativity a lot of people liked it. Yong para may decent house lang kmi na uuwian bah. I didn't know such little house will cause chaos of jealousy to our neighbourhood (babaw noh?). Starting that my life was never at peace, maraming akusa which was really small minded to think yet it came to the point I had sleepless night cos my family was involved already and my Uncles are hunting those who were creating the rumours and gossip about me and then sending it to my hunnybun just like I have a kid, I'm a syota ng bayan,drunkard and me and my family is just after my husbands money. And the worst one was that I am not my father's daughter and is just a product of my mother's adultery! Oh dear this was the worst bcos they involved my mother, and I was feeling so weak and I tend to push my hunny away but he never left me, he said we will show those people they won't succeed. Haay it was the hardest days for us, I was emotionally, physically and mentally stressed and so was bunny. I even lose weight on those days due to those bitches!Hmmp! And bad things was that never enjoyed much of my last weeks back home with my family cos of the incident. But I know bunny and I will be facing a lot more,but we survived it before without each others presence, how much more that we are together =) ... I know life isn't always a bed of roses, but as long as I'm waking up each morning with the kiss and i love you of my hunnybun, hardest days will always be great in the end!

Be inspired and kilig with the different couples love story here in Couples Corner hosted by Ate Liz. Have a great night/day!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Bakewell Old House Museum II

I'm sharing this post as Ruby Tuesday and My world Tuesday entry. As I've promised, this is the continuation of my post last week about The Bakewell Old House Museum which we visited on our honeymoon in Derbyshire. Now you'll get to know the rest of the old house museum characters during the Tudor period in Derbyshire, England.

In 1777 Richard Arkwright, the founder of the factory system, built his third cotton mill at Bakewell and divided this house into 5 cottages for workers at the mill.
This is what the farmers used to wear on their wedding during Tudor period 
This two buckets the lady carries in her shoulder was used to collect milk to make cheese during Tudor period
This is the equipment used in washing clothes during Tudor period
And what my hunny is holding is the machine used to dry the clothes 
And this is the head mistress 
And this is the most popular history, the discovery of Bakewell pudding. We bought one and was so yummy!
There you go, that's a bit of history of English life during Tudor period. Hope you enjoy the tour! Back to Chatsworth House, what's inside it?That's my next entry all about. So please come and visit me again..Have a good day!  

Monday, 20 September 2010

I'm ill, I've got Cold!

Haay I thought I'd be better today but instead my cold is getting worse. I didn't sleep well last night due to my headache and horrible sore throat which now turns into cough (sigh). Not really a good day, my expecting call hasn't ring yet.What a day! I'm still feeling ill, miserable, can't hardly breath and a bit worried with my mama as well. Dear Lord, give me strength to face all of these and I know it's for me, isn't it? I'll keep waiting. Please guide and keep my mam safe wherever she is now. And I pray that I'll feel better and be well soon and will sleep well tonight. To my blogger friends, I beg your pardon cos I may not be able to write any comment on your posts, visit your blog nor join the usual weekly memes this week whilst I'm ill (I'll try if I can), can't stay longer in the pc cos it's making me feel dizzy. I'll get back and catch up with you when I feel better.All I need is to drink plenty of water, lemisep, fruits, have a rest and my hunny's TLC.Have a great week!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Getting Our Own House

Slowly, life seems to fall into place for us. Things are getting on as what we prayed and wanted it to be. Thanks to our one great God who is always there ever since hunny and I started our journey together. First in crossing our way and made us fell in love with each other, nourishing our relationship on those times that we are apart, being with us all through the visa application for us to be together, our wedding plans, our wedding day, starting our marriage life and a wonderful parents in law. Haay my blessings are countless, Thank you my Lord for everything.. And another blessing you gave us (don't wanna mention what at the moment though), I know I can do this and I promise that I'll give my best on this thing. We are planning to get our own house soon, so we are now starting to look for it. We are just currently living with my PIL, would be nice to have our own house soon (excited). That means I would be surely busy and I would certainly say I'm a certified wifey if so. haha.. I mean bcos I'll be managing our own house, budget, cook, do the gardening and in God's good time be a MUM!whew! but not at the moment.. Anyways I was looking online for a perspective house for us this afternoon. Our guidelines or preferences would be, 2-3 bedroom house, semi/detached, off road parking, decent size rooms, nice bathroom, decent size kitchen, not so much work to do int he house (decorations) and of course a nice, spacious garden and in a guide price of £120k-£140 and near to my potential work place. We've spotted 2 properties while we were looking this afternoon. This one's  my choice and this one's my hunny's choice. I like mine cos it has nice kitchen and spacious garden. Hopefully we could find the right house for us that we could call home. Settle things and live a simple life together. Love to think of it..Oh I still have to organise my  hunny's birthday party 2 weeks from now, any idea guys?Please feel free to give me advice..Cheers! Goodnight, have a nice week!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Something to Celebrate?

 Tonight we had champagne for dinner, hunny bought it this afternoon because he said we have something to celebrate of. Yeah I guess we have but I guess not yet. haha..I don't know I'm just a bit silly but not quite convinced though that I have or we have to celebrate now unless I'll be able to confirm it on Monday. Haay, please Lord let it be the way I'm thinking it is. But I guess it it, wasn't it? Oh dear, bit agitated still. I'll keep praying..I'll tell you guys what it is when I confirmed it although I thought it is what it was and everybody thought it was.haaay, enough of this before you guys gets too confused and crazy thinking what it is and was. Goodnight...Have a Blessed Sunday!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Pope Benedict XVI Visits UK!

United Kingdom will be busy until this weekend for the Pope's visit. Yesterday Pope Benedict XVI  arrived in Britain for his four-days historic visit. He was met by the Duke of Edinburgh and prince Phillip in the Edinburgh airport while queen Elizabeth waited for him in the Edinburgh castle.
Prince Phillip handshaking with the Pope
I watched the live coverage yesterday of his arrival while doing the ironing. I feel so delighted, oh how I wish I could come near him and hold his hand. I felt a bit of nostagic as well, I miss going to a catholic church. I miss the holy mass, though I'm still attending a service at my husband's church which is Evengelical church it's still different. I miss the traditional service of a catholic and a wonderful celebrations we have.

Parading the pope
The Pope and the Queen exchanging  gifts
The Pope and the Queen goign to the presentation area
Today the Pope is in London with the Archbishop of Canterbury.Long lived Pope Benedict XVI!
Happy Weekend!

Photos courtesy of Yahoo news but all opinions are mine.


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Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Anniversary tickers Every night before I sleep, I never fail to thank God for the day I had. Whether it was a good or a bad day. And I know God was so pleased and happy about it, because HE decided to make my days perfect for the rest of my life....HE put my husband on it.