Monday, 31 January 2011

I need an Eye Check up

I've got problems with my eye seems two weeks now. Last week my right eye was very sore and itchy and stayed for days (blog here). And this past few days I noticed that the upper bit of my eye where the nose line starts hurts like it''ll gonna drop if I look done. I thought it was something to do with my sinus cos it seems like it. But last weekend my eye was a bit painful, after staying a long period in the computer. It gives me heartburn and can't stay that long anymore int he pc. Until yesterday it was really bad, and now it is worst. I tried to put chilled cucumber on it, MIL offered me a soothing eye mask, I washed it with optrx and took paracetamol. It lessens the pain a bit,but still feels like really strain and heavy.
 Was thinking maybe I really need an eye check up. So I started browsing the internet for the nearest, available eye test centre and I found Vision Express which offers half price of the eye exam fee and10% discount on prescription glasses. It's located in Canterbury high street (town centre) which is not too far from our place. I'll talk to my bunny about this and see what he reckons.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Meeting the Worlds Biggest Cats

Last bank holiday Monday bunny and I went to Howlettes Animal wild park in Bekesbourne (blog here). We've seen lots of wild animals and managed to see them all despite of a very cold weather. We took loads of photos especially of my favourite wild animal Mr. Tiger.


This is the Bengal Indian Tiger which I really loved watching and taking pictures of. In fact I even have video of him having a wee..hehe. According to Howlettes Animal trivia the habitat of this kind of tiger is mostly in swampy wetland area and forest of Northern and South-West of India. And as we all know tiger is the largest of all cats. Scientifically known as Panthera tigris, it is the most fascinating and fearsome creature int he world.Anyways, so much to say, you can find out more about the Bengal Indian Tiger here.

And this a bit shaky, fussy photo above is an ocelot.I beg your pardon for not so clear photo but bunny and I struggled so much time trying to get a perfect photo of this creature, this is just the best we took..hasit! Anyhow back to ocelot, it is a native of south America and scientifically known as Leopardus pardalis. As you can see ocelot has a spot/stripey combination fur coat and is brownish in colour, unlike the Bengal that it is just stripey and in yellowish/reddish colour. It is not as big as Bengal tiger as well. It is feed by small deers,rabbits and other reptiles. I reckon if any chance they will be a wonderful pet!I wish!hmmpp..Want to know more about this creature, click here.

This snob looking creature is called Serval (Lepatailirus Serval). Not so very big, serval is generally found in most parts of Africa excluding the dessert regions. They have extraordinarily long legs, long necks and small heads. It weighs approximately 8-18kg. and 8-1.3m long. They are quite interesting bit different and runs a lot, fast! More details click here.

I'm sure I've seen and encountered more of the cats species at Howlettes, just that I can't find a decent photo. Anyways hope you picked even a bit of info in my post. These animal details are mostly picked at Howlettes website but all opinions and sentence constructions are mine. Sharing this post to Camera Critters!Great day!

Camera Critters

Friday, 28 January 2011

Her Happily Ever After

Scrapbook at
Photo Tinks by

To walk in the aisle wearing a beautiful white dress, sewn especially for her is every woman's dream. And I'm so so happy to share to you that one of my BFF will experience this soon! Yes that woman in the photo will be an amazing bride soon! Her name is Kristine Reyes a.k.a "Baktin". We've been friends for 7 wonderful years, we have a greater relation except from being super friends but I won't go deeper to that it's a long story!hehe..Tin is a sweet woman, her best asset is her dimples (lakas nang power sa convincing na siya mauna!haha), lukaret, bigay tudo basta everyone happy, hopeless romantic mani siya bala noh part noh?hehe..She's a single mum, will do anything for her family, for her one and only boy Aeron. We've seen how she struggled in life and love. I dare say she handled it very well and she stayed strong. And very well indeed she deserves all the blessings she has. I'm so happy that she found her happiness as well just as I did. And in no time she'll take a vow that I know she'll cherish all her life. It's sad though that I wont be able to see her big day, I was a bit nostalgic when I thought of it earlier cos it's one of my dream, see one of my bff's walking in the aisle. It would be nice for us all to be together at Tin's special day. Would be nice to organise a hen-do for her (haay excited!).Anyways in God's good time I know we will be re-united again, in another happy occasion, and we can do a little bit of those silly things we used to do!hehe..Congratulations Ting, I'm so very happy for you part, stay happy and in-love. It'll be the start of your Happily Ever After! I miss you loads! mwahugs!lablab..

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

National Insurance Number Card

Last year I noticed that each time I filled up an application form for a certain job, they are always asking for a National Insurance number. And so because of this I decided to apply for it at our local job centre. I rang them to find out what sort of documents I need to provide in order to apply. They took my personal details and arranged an interview for me the following week. I brought with me our marriage certificate, passport,visa and some proof of address during my interview. My interview was just to check and confirm my personal details things like that. And after that I waited 6-8weeks for my Nati0nal Insurance number card, and it was just last week that I received it. And how will I benefit with this National Insurance? I looked it up before I applied. I will pay national insurance contributions to build up my entitlement to claim state benefits and state pension in the future. And as soon as I start working I'll give my NI number to my employer. The amount I will pay depends on how much I will be earning. The policy here in the UK is that British citizens just like my husband receives their NI number automatically before their 16th birthday. so they start paying it on that age as long as their earnings are at a certain level. Paying your NI here is really worth it because the benefits that you are receiving are brilliant. Free medical, child benefits, EMA (for the student), disability allowance, housing benefits, and many more. It does vary though of what you can claim at least you are rest assured. The most important thing is the medical benefits, it is brilliant! To find out more details about National Insurance in the UK click here. Hope it'll help you..cheers!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Nokia N-8

Last year before Christmas, bunny and I was thinking of getting a mobile for me since i haven't got one. I wasn't too bothered getting one on the first time I came here because I don't have someone to text or call anyway except from my husband which is not really necessarily cos we have a computer. That means I can get online all day and chat to him in facebook or yahoo while he's at work. So left it until December last year cos I found some Asian friends already so would be nice if I have my own phone to keep in touch with them. And I am learning to get on my own like commuting in a bus (which I have just done twice) and having a mobile would be useful in case I get lost and want bunny or mother in law to pick me somewhere..hehe.And also would be useful when I start to work. Anyways we/I had a long thought of it last year, took a leaflet from phone warehouse to see a good deal and nice mobile to get. Thought I could have a dream phone, iphone4 but it's really not sensible to get it for £45.00 a month. That cost a fortune, and it rather be more expensive because you have to get an insurance for as well and the vat for your monthly bill and then there you will see you're paying £60.00 a month. So I decided to get this nokia N-8 for £25.00/ month with unlimited text and 300 and 500mb internet usage. It might not be as good as iphone4 but it has loads of good features and one best things is the 12megapixel camera which I really liked, it has high definition video, you can edit it and share and connect it in a compatible flat screen tele. It does multitasking, has social network like facebook and tweeter, you can personalise your phone and add your own widgets and of course one useful thing is the free navigation. We used it once and it was brilliant, really helps a lot. My network provider is Orange(since bunny is orange) so I get to register a magic number of the same network that gives you unlimited call to that number. And another thing is the orange Wednesday which is 2 for one cinema ticket and buy1get1free in pizza express! We availed it last year watching the movie Narnia; Voyage of the Dawn Treader with PIL.I really do enjoy my phone just that it's a shame that I can't avail most of my calls and text from my deal. To see more details of the Nokia N-8 features and deals, click here.

Monday, 24 January 2011


I had a fabulous weekend last week. It was a long day and many things to share, and of those is this lovely food we had. This was requested by the birthday girl Miss Emilia Bradley (SIL's daughter). It was her birthday last 20th of January and we had a late celebration last Saturday. We went tempin bowling and had a great party food in the evening. And we had this toadstool which is a hard boiled egg and plum tomato and gruyere (swiss cheese). It looks really clever doesn't it? It taste good too, you can try make it, so easy and fun! I'm sure your kids will like it too..

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sore Eye

Example of conjunctivitisImage via Wikepedia

How was your weekend everyone? It's nearly over and Monday again back to work and back to school again! My weekend went well, it was great actually. I'll blog about it a bit later and share some photos as well of what we were up to. Anyways it's a bit of nuisance this right eye of mine. It is sore, and so itchy. It started yesterday as we got home. I noticed it was so red and I remember when I was about to have shower that day, there was a slight redness already. I washed it with optrex (eye wash bunny is using) before going to bed. I was a bit worried cos usually if you have sore eye a pile of (muta) formed in your eyes to the point that you can't open it. I experienced it once when I was in primary shcool. But luckily it wasn't that bad. I think in case, I used my eyes too much. From what I read conjunctivitis (don't know though if mine is conjunctivitis) is sometimes caused by eyestrain or viral or bacterial infection. I think mine is both, I sctartched and with my dirty finger and strain cos I spend too much time in the computer. It's getting better now, thanks to optrex!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Knitted Mobile Pouch


Due to the fact that stay I'm a stay at home wife at the moment, I find it hard to entertain myself sometimes.So to avoid boredom I thought of starting to learn knitting!Yep, I'm really interested in arts and crafts. I've finished my 1st masterpiece(nyaks!), our honeymoon token cross titch which I blogged here Honeymoon Token. Knitting interest me as well  so I asked my MIL if she could teach me cos she's really could at it and she made a few like bunny's Thomas jumper when he was baby  and she made Emilia (SIL's daughter) a jumper as well. And this wool I used is the remains on Emilia's jumper that MIL did. I like the colour, lovely isn't it? I really enjoyed doing it and hopefully with more practice I could make other stuff as well like hat, scarf, baby boots maybe or jumper to be more ambitious!wahaha..Thanks so much to my MIL who patiently taught me =) ..Anyways happy weekend! We're going temping bowling tomorrow, I'll blog here if I have time =) cheers!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Fingers Crossed =)

Last week I blogged about the Lacoste Sale  which is up to 50% discount from polo's, footwear and accessories for men and women. I told my bunny about it and he said we'll have a look but we didn't have time last weekend cos the girls (Emilia and Phoebe..SIL's daughter) were here and bunny's cousin Emma. I just wanted him to have a look at this shoes I like, and convince him if I could get one of this.sshhh..I hope my charm will work..toink! hehe..I like the 1st one most but it doesn't have my size so the next option is the 2nd one. Please hunny?hehe..

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Good day everyone!

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Friday, 14 January 2011

I've Got Mail

My usual Friday morning happened again today, got to see grandpa,went foodie shopping with MIL.Except from the weather I would say it's a good day. As we came home from shopping MIL said "Roxxy, you've got mail.." oh whom it from I didn't know until I opened it. Ashbourne Senior Living, oh's from the nursing home I've applied last year. Bit apprehensive but as soon as I read the letter, I was so delighted of the  news, they've given me the job!Yay! I'll start my work as a carer as soon as they received my Criminal Records certificate (hopefully soon). I'll be on probation for 3 months so I have to be great at my job. I will get a decent pay and 5.6 weeks annual leave per annum =) . Thank you so much Lord for another blessing! Indeed they say, good things happen to those who wait.. I promise to do my job well, give the best care I can to those people I'll be nursing and I pray that everything will be well. That I'll be able to get along well with my  work colleagues to be and employers.And that I'll be able to manage my time well with work and my bunny. Be with us as we find a house, that we'll both like in a desirable and safe area (near to my work) for us. Amen..

Lacoste is on Sale!

While I was browsing the net this morning I saw an interesting advertisement, Lacoste UK shop online is on sale! I was a bit intrigue of the deal so I looked at the website and oh yes most of the products are half price. Polo's, footwear for men and women and accessories, just take a pick. But ofcourse as it is LACOSTE, signature brand half price is still expensive, but not all, there are some good deal (wink..I found one I like)! Anyways, I told my brother in law about the Lacoste sale and he said if I can get him a polo and a shoes, he said he'll just pay us. The problem is how will I send it to him? We could purchased it but delivering it to him is gonna be a bit tricky. Either it'll be too expensive or it'll take too long to be delivered..

I would be thrilled and delighted if I could get this cute trainer take a look =)

Monday, 10 January 2011

Tagalog..Wala Lang..Bored lang..

Haay..Lunes na naman, at heto ako naghahanap kung anong pwedeng magawa.Naisip ko mag blog at gumawa ng entry sa Blue Monday ala naman akong makitang asul. Kaya heto na lang, subukan ko mag blog nang Tagalog. Dehense pa ako nakapag blog na Tagalaog lahat kasi minsan mas nahihirapan akong magsulat at mag isip pag tagalaog (sa totoo lang, di naman sa anu..char!). Sa kabilang dako, mabuti na lang at hindi umulan ngayon pero nakakaloka maginaw pa rin, haist.. Sarap matulog tuloy at kumain nang kumain. Ai heto nga pala yong piktyur ko with Timmy bagong hayop sa buhay ko (haha..may balak mag ipon ng mga hayop?nyahhaay) tsaka kung na nonotis nyo eh maganda yong manikyur ko diba? Ang haba nang kuko bonggang bonnga noh, ganda nang design at ang kolor emong emo..char!Hala tama na toh, ganito na alng wala lang kasi talaga akong magawa! Babushka!

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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Let me Tell you Our Old Bad Habbit!

 Hello there everyone, Happy New Year and welcome back to me here at CC! I've been missing loads of entries so far so it's good to be back. Very interesting topic we have this week eh, "Our Old Bad Habits". Since it's new year as what mommy Liz said, we always make resolutions..hmmm, I don't tend to vocalised my resolutions but I always have a few in mind. And as always losing weight is number one in the list, said it last year and the year before and the year before that but it doesn't work, there's always yummy food around. (toink). Anyhow I'll share to you some bad habits I want to get rid of. Think..think..think...

I want to explore the Bible, discover more about the scripture and know the order, kahiya kasi sa church natatapos na magbasa ang minister namin naghahanap pa rin ako =( tsaka my husband and my PIL knows every character ng bibliya at ang history nito, jahe minsan.huhu)
I'll start getting involved in the kitchen, I mean cooking wise. My mother inlaw does the cooking, di ako tumutulong parang jahe kasi kaya tuloy ala pa rin ako masyadong alam lutu-in na English food.
Babawasan ko siguro ang shopping (tagalugin ko nalang para di ma intindihan ni hubby kasi parang di ko ma keep..hehe) 
I'll blog more na and I might get my own domain name?
Magiging positive na ako sa job hunting, and sa life I have here in England (titigilan ko na ang drama ko na umuwi sa Pinas!) with my hunny in years ahead (adjustmentnt period lang naman to dba?)
Try ko nang magising with my bunny in the morning para ako na mag prepare ng lunch nya (not that I don't do it but not consistent minsan mother inlaw ko nag preprepare kasi tulog pa ako!haist)
I'll try to be more outspoken and more friendly at church
Bawasan ang pagka moody at sira ulo (nasasaktan ko tuloy yong asawa ko!)
Bawasan kong umutot nang malakas (oi ha ginagawa ko lang yan pag kmi lang nang asawa ko)haha
Stop comparing my life to otherss, (bakit sila ganito na at ako ganito pa rin na drama) one at a time ika nga..
Tatapusin ko ang  7 Books ng Chronicles of Narnia

 As to my bunny I already told him what I want him to change or get rid of..hehe
First bawasan din nyang umutot nang malakas!
2nd Stop picking his nose when he can't find something to do (nagiging hobby nya na to pagwalang magawa!eeew)
3rd get rid of his worst manerism (he knows it, hiya akong e-share..haha)
4th stop being too competent when we play (haay over sya nagagalit pagnatatalo, parang bata!)
5th Sana he could keep his pillowcase clean even just for the ist one week after we change it ( one day pa lang kasi yucky na..hehe)

Haay I think that's enough na pambubuking na sa asawa ko!haha..hopefully we could keep up to these and we will have a great life ahead.

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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Into the Wild

Yesterday was a bank holiday Monday here in England and bunny's last day from Christmas vacation.And since we haven't done something interesting outdoor over the Christmas break,we decided to venture out into the wild. Howlettes Wild Animal Park was the destination. The weather wasn't great, it was quite cold but at least it didn't rain (thank God). We came in pretty early so we had plenty of time venturing the park.

This is the open top monkey enclosures that is opened to the 13 Javan Langurs (which I will show you the photo). But we weren't able to see them in the enclosure since it's too cold for them this time of year so I guess they just have this every summer.

 And these are the Javan Langurs that's supposed to be out int he open top enclosures. But in winter time they stay inside a warmed glass room. They are so sweet creatures aren't they? As sweet as the one posing with them! (wink)

Howlettes allows you to have close encounter with one of the animals (not tiger nor wolf though, i wish!) the Lemurs. You can walk alongside with them in this are which we did but never got that close cos they play a lot!

We brought coffee with us in a small thermos to keep us warm and as you can see my prince charming is holding it while posing as we've just finished having a cuppa.

And there you I've got a close encounter with the green elephant (wahaha..wish!)

Bunny and I trying to get a perfect photo of us together which as we've seen the result we often argue about  cos it's either me being cut or my bunny but mostly it's my bunny's head that's always cut since I'm the one taking it and he's too tall for my reach!hehe..this one isn't bad is it? Happy New Year!

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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Reminiscing My Tiger Year Part 1

2010, year of the tiger..and since I love tiger (one of my dream is to have a tiger pet) my life was so overwhelming in that year. Very memorable, a lot of things happend which until now I still can't believe it took place in my life.Hmmm..let me reminisce my walked..think..think...
I started the year very positive, strong and of course with so much love in my heart. =) I went to Manila with my sister Vanessa in  January to apply my fiancee visa hoping against hope that this time we're gonna convinced the console that our Love is genuine and we need to be together very soon.And hooray! destiny agreed with us and after 3 weeks my visa was granted. I was happy yet apprehensive and sad at the same time. February came so swiftly, and so bunny planned another visit back to the Philippines in Easter to bring me back here in England. And oh I remember, he sent me red roses on Valentines day with a little bear I named Poochie ( I brought him here with me)..I excitedly welcomed March only to discover a bunch of stressed along my way. Typical Filipino approached when someone gets a bit of progress in life (u know what I you?hehe) Anyways with my family beside me and my bunny loving me, I surpassed it.

And there came April the very fist day of this month was our flight here in England. And this photo at the left showed the last moment I spent with my family. This was taken at the cafe in the airport at 5 am and in just an hour bunny and I flew to Manila to catch our flight to Amsterdam.
We arrived in England 11pm same day (but ofcourse different time zone) and was fetch by my PIL at Heathrow and that's when I met them. At alas, first impression of England "COLD"!haha..It was spring time when we arrived though but pretty cold.
May comes and my adjustment period goes on. The time zone was one of the first struggle cos I got sleepy and hungry at the wrong time of day. And what else...oh yeah the food. They don't eat rice here for breakfast and lunch just cereal in the morning and bread or quiche (like a flan), cheese and biscuits. They do have rice twice or thrice a week for dinner which was good. And how will I forget the weather. And of course I started to buy things to keep me warm.haist..We attended a wedding of my FIL's side so met some of the family. And by then we started to plan our big day =)

And June! summer here started and a month to go on our big day..My bridesmaid organised a Hen-do for me and it was fun.We made the final arrangement of our wedding. This photo at the left is taken during my hen-do while we were playing pictionary.

At the moment I'll end my reminiscing here and I'll share more when I ahve time cos my bunny is sleepy already!hehe..Cheers!Happy New Year!


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