Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Jealousy is a negative feeling which is similar to envy. You feel jealous of someone when he or she possesses something that you don’t have. It might be money, some unique personality trait or any kind of achievement made by a person because of which he or she is envied by his or her contemporaries. In Christian Mythology, jealousy has been regarded as the green-eyed monster which mocks the meat that it feeds on. Jealousy is not considered a positive feeling in any way. Jealousy has been considered to be the love bed of the burning snarl. In the words of Aristotle, “Jealousy is both reasonable and belongs to reasonable men, while envy is base and belongs to the base, for the one makes himself get good things by jealousy, while the other does not allow his neighbour to have them through envy.”

"Its so funny how the people who know the least about you, have the most to say."

"I dont give anyone a reason to hate me. They create their own drama of pure jealousy."
"Hoes want my title. Aint a slot for you. Its a cold world; Ill keep it hot for you."
 "Delicious lips, devil stare, I got all them bitches screaming, "It ain't fair!"
"Never hate those people who are jealous of you but respect their jealousy because they are the ones who think that you are better than them."

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


It seemed quite a while already since we had our holiday in Longleat forest last July with parents in law, SIL and family. I haven't had a chance to post and share our adventures there yet. One thing that we all enjoyed  was the subtropical swimming which has many features like; outdoor rapids, flumes, outdoor swimming pool, wave machine, children pools, spa pools and lagoon bar.


The rapids which I enjoyed the most!

Sharing this as this week's entry for Watery Wednesday!


Dollar $ Dollar $ Dollar is all I Need...

Whilst I was doing my usual after dinner thing (sitting in front of the computer and browsing random website in the net), I stumbled with this website. Whitwew! perfect for a blogger like me *wink*. So without further a do, I signed up and confirmed my blog. From the words pay per post, it sounds exciting already! hehe..I think I really have to be clever enough in this blogging world like some of my blogger friends so I could earn $. lol.. I'm really in to it, I'm taking it step by step and soon enough I'll be one of those top blogger earner! Nyahaha..I wish! toink! :) Just that I hope I'll be able to spare my blog time with all these up coming busy days. Going on a holiday, processing a mortgage and moving soon to our soon to be house. *wink* But it's great that day by day I discover good and useful things in blogging and I'm getting more enthusiastic! :)

Monday, 26 September 2011

KLM -- The Royal Dutch Airlines

It was 3 or 4 months ago when hunny and I decided to have a holiday in the Philippines this year.It wasn't easy for me/us to decide at first, thought it's not practical to travel back considering I've only been here for 1 1/2 years (though it feels 5 years already :P). And we are thinking of saving up to get our own place. A lot of things to consider financially like cost of plane tickets etc.
My sister and brother's wedding made us finally decide that Yes we are definitely going! And also my hunny promised my Mama that he'll bring  me back to my country as much as possible ( meaning every year *wink*). So after that what's the next step? Of course, checking how much the plane tickets costs. We spent days searching various websites, all airline offers and deals that will as well suite our travel preferences. After all those searching and comparing so far, hunny and I decided to stick to KLM Airlines. They had a good deals and promotions, travel time is quite straight forward, unlike other airlines. We will arrive in Manila early, plus hunny will earn travel points in his KLM travel card. We flew with this airline when I came here and the service was very good. :) So I didn't see any reason of not flying with them again!

How about you? Planning to travel anywhere for a holiday, visiting your country like me, or doing business abroad? Check and book now at KLM Airlines!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Little Girls in Red

Another week of Ruby Tuesday! And I'm sharing photos of my SIL's little girls in their red coats and red brolly. 

Uh oh Uncle James is caught too with his red coat! :)

Happy Ruby Tuesday! 

Monday, 19 September 2011

Wet but not sure Wild! :)

I discovered another interesting meme that will keep me busy and posted every Tuesday.. the Tuesday Travel hosted by The Travel Diva! And the title topic is rather interesting, Wet and Wild! haha..luveeeet..

Time to share Roxxy's wet and wild photos! nyahaha..This is just the photo I'd be brave enough to share, and I'm proud to share, me under water! It definitely and obviously looks wet, by the time I stand up that would be the Wild bit! rawwrr..haha..*wink*

See you next week! I might be on the wild side by then ..nyahaha :)

A School Boy from Camarines Sur

Just as I was browsing my facebook account this morning, I came across a friends note and read a very touching story of a school boy from Camarines Sur, Philippines. Thought I would share this to you..

Somewhere in Milaor, Camarines Sur, there lived a  fourth grader boy who would follow this route to school everyday: He has to  cross the rugged plains and cross the dangerous highway where vehicles are  recklessly driving to and from.
 Once past this highway, the boy  would take a short cut, passing by the Church every morning just to say Hi  to God, and faithfully say his, "Magandang umaga po" in Bicol dialect. He  was faithfully being watched by a Priest who was happy to find innocence so  uplifting in the morning,
 "Kamusta, Andoy? Papasok ka  na?"
 "Opo padre ... "he would flash his innocent grin, the priest would  be touched. He was so concerned that one day he talked to  Andoy.
 "From school...", he advised "Do not cross the highway, you  can pass through the Church and I can accompany you to the other side of  the road...that way I can see that you are home safe...."
 "Thank you  father ...  "
 "Why don't  you go home ... why  do you stay  in this church right after school?"
 "I just want to  say  'Hi'   to my  friend, God,"    and the  priest would leave the boy to spend time beside the altar, talking to  himself, but the priest was hiding behind the altar to listen to what this  boy has to say to his heavenly FATHER.
 "You know my math exam was  pretty bad today, but I did not cheat although my seatmate is bullying me  for notes... I ate one cracker and drank my water, Itay had a bad season  and all I can eat is this cracker.
 Thank you for this! I saw a poor  kitten who was hungry and I know how he feels so I gave my last cracker to  him ... funny but I am not that hungry.
 Look, this is my last pair of  slippers ...I may have to walk barefoot next week, you see this is about to  be broken... but it is least I am still going to school.... Some  say we will have a hard season this month, some of my classmates have  already stopped going to school .... please help them get to school again,  please God?
 ....Oh, you know, Inay hit me again, it is painful, but I  know this pain will pass away, at least I still have a mother.... God, you  want to see my bruises? I know you can heal them.... Here... here and ....  oh ...blood ....I guess you knew about this one huh? Please don't be mad at  Inay, she is just tired and she worries for the food in our table and my  schooling that is why she hits us....Oh, I think I am in love ... there's  this pretty girl in my class, her name is Anita ... do you think she  will like me? Anyway, at least I know you will always  like me, I don't have to be anybody just to please you, you are my very  best friend! Hey your birthday is two days from now!!! Aren't you excited?  I am! Wait till you see, I have a gift for you . but it is a surprise! I  hope you will like it! Oooops, I have to go ..." then he stood up and calls  out, "Padre, padre, I am finished talking to my friend ....
 youcan  accompany me to the other side of the road now"
 This routine happens  everyday. Andoy never fails. Father Agaton shares this every Sunday to the  people in his church because he has not seen a very pure faith and trust in  God, a very positive look at negative situations.
 One Christmas day,  Father Agaton was sick so he could not make it in the Church, he was sent  to the hospital. The Church was left to 4 manangs who would chant the  rosary in 1000 miles per hour, would not smile and would always find fault  in what you do, they were also very well versed in cursing if you irritate  them! They were kneeling, saying their kilometric rosary when Andoy, coming  from his Christmas party,playfully dashed in.
 "Hello God! I  ......"
 "P----!! (a curse) bata ka!! Alam mo nang may nagdadasal!!  Alis!!"

 Poor Andoy was so terrified, "Where's Father Agaton? He is  supposed to help me cross the street ... and to be able to cross the street  I will have to pass by the back door of this church .not only that, I  have to greet Jesus. It is His birthday, I have a gift right here....

 "  Just as he was about to get the gift out of his shirt, the manang  pulled his shirt and threw him out of the church. "Susmaryosep!!! (does the  sign of the cross fervently) Alis kang bata ka, kung hindi matatamaan  ka!!!
 So the boy had no choice but to cross the dangerous side of the  road in front of the church. He crossed. A fast moving bus came  in.
 There was a blind curve. The boy was protecting his gift inside  his shirt, so he was not looking. There was so little time. Andoy died  on the spot. A lot of people crowded the poor boy, the body of a lifeless  young boy ...
 Suddenly, out of nowhere a tall man in a pure white shirt  and pants, a face so mild and gentle, but with eyes full of tears... He  came and carried the boy in His arms. He was crying. Curious bystanders  nudged the man in white, and asked,
 "Excuse me sir, are you related  to this child?
 Do you know this child?"
 The man in white, His  face mourning and in agony, looked up and answered,
 "He was my best  friend . " was all he said. He took the badly wrapped gift in the bloody  chest of the lifeless boy, and placed it near His heart.
 He stood up  and carried the boy away and they both disappeared in sight.
 The crowd  was curious ...
 On Christmas Eve, Father Agaton learned of the shocking  news. He visited the house, and wanted to verify about the man in white. He  consulted the parents of Andoy.
 "How did you know that your son  died?"
 "A man in white brought him here." sobbed the mother. "What  did he say?"
 The father answered, "He did not say anything. He was  mourning. We do not know him and yet he was very lonely about our son's  death, as if he knew our son  very well. But there was something peaceful and unexplainable about  him.
 He gave me my son, and then he smiled peacefully. He brushed my  son's hair away from his face and kissed him on his forehead, then he  whispered something..."
 "What did he say?"
 "He said to my  boy..." the father began, "Thank you for the gift .... I will see you soon  ... you will be with me..." and the father of the boy continued, "and you  know for a while, it felt so
 wonderful ... I cried, but I do not know  why....all I know is I cried tears of joy .... I could not explain it,  Father, but when that man left, something peaceful came over me, I felt a  deep sense
 of love inside ... I could not explain the joy in my heart,  I knew my boy is in heaven now but...tell me, Father, who is this man that  my son talks to everyday in your church, you should know because you are  always there ... except at the time of his death ......"Father Agaton  suddenly felt the tears welling in his eyes, with
 trembling knees,  he murmurred, " ... He was talking to no one ......
 but ..  GOD...."

It's amazing how strong the Faith of this little boy. How he trusted God in everything he does and how selfless he is for such a young age. Made me cry and realised many things.. 

Goodbye Summer

I can feel it summer is slowly fading, autumn is taking over. And I guess I would rarely see blue sky during this season. So I would share these nice blue sky photos taken during our holiday last July. Entry for Blue Monday :)

"Above all else, guard thy heart for it is the wellspring of life." -- Proverbs 4:23
Put me as a sign on your heart, as a sign on your arm; love is strong as death, and wrath bitter as the underworld: its coals are coals of fire; violent are its flames."
Solomon Song of Songs

"May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His light be always with thee. May He keep you safe from harm, and shield you from all wrong. May He grant you His peace. May He guide you on your way. Bring you joy with each new day."  The Benediction

See You Next Year Summer! :) 

Friday, 16 September 2011

My Pink Espadrille


 One of my favourite pink stuff, my Lacoste Espadrille :)
Sharing this as my Pink Friday entry! Happy weekend! ♥wink♥

My New Domain Name

After being a blogger for more than a year, I finally decided to get my own registered domain name. It took me long yes, to finally do this but I hope it's all worth it. My account is in transition at the moment and after 3 days my will be redirected to :)  I've signed up to google AdSense as well (weeehh) I know how it works but how it'll get on and pay, I don't know.hehe..Lets see, this is it na..Kina career ko na talaga to!haha..Maraming benefits in blogging, you get pleasure cos you enjoy what your doing, gain friends which is the most enjoying part and do your passion at the same time business! *wink*  I hope I will do good and I hope I'll have more time with my blog, doesn't seem promising but I'll try! Have a good weekend everyone! 

Thanks to my Ovi Map!

Most of the smart phones now a days has map applications or sat nav which for me is very useful. It's really a big help to me and my husband when we go to places we haven't been before. Gives us confidence to journey in places we like to go w/out having the normal map with us which I struggle to follow really considering I'm not familiar with road signs or junctions in here. Just like what happened on our honeymoon, we had a few arguments on the road before we reached our It happened to us many times, until I got my phone and discover we can use it as sat nav for driving or map for walking in places we're not familiar of. Actually my Ovi map has been so useful on our house viewings. Made it easier for us to locate the house, which street or road it is in. You just have to type the place where you want to go whether driving or walking and then click search. And then a recorded voice will tell you which way to go or turn to reach your destination. Easy pissy! (wink) Thanks to my Ovi map yesterday we managed to find our way back to my mum in law's car! And thanks to it we managed to work out the right route from our soon to be house to my workplace! :) :) ♥♥♥

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Hi guys! It's Yummy Sunday again and after a long while I'm back joining again :) I hope it's not too late..Really tough when you always have to work weekends no time to hang around after work, all you can think of is bed! Anyways my come back Yummy Sunday entry for the week is this;


The chocolates I've sent home last July. I oh so love chocolates and obviously most of my family do, who doesn't anyway! lol.. As you can see I've sent them a few of different kinds. Toblerone which is quite popular in my country, the seashells shapes chocolates, mars, snickers, galaxy's (my sister's request), lindht and a few Belgian chocolates. Siguro naubos na nila to..hehe

Happy Week ahead! 

Eau de Toilette Dilemma

Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Clinique, Lacoste, Armani, Hugo Boss, name it..signature scents of parfum or eau de toilette that everyone would like apart from me. Yes, I'm not a big fan of eau de toilette or parfum scents. When I was a kid my Papa always brought each of us perfumes when he comes home from abroad. But ever since I never like em, perfumes. I just normally use fruity cologne or spray. Body shop, Bench, or Victorias Secret scent would do for me. Aside from the fact that they are cheap, they don't give me headache. I like their fruity and flowery smell, not too strong. I think I have allergy with perfumes, their strong smell gives me headache. As soon as I spray it I know right then that headache is on the way. Well I don't have a problem smelling it with other people, it doesn't give me headache. It's just if I spray it on my self, even just trying it on my wrist in the shops eeew it makes me giddy. It doesn't really work for me. Even so I still try it when I'm in the shops, though I wont buy, just free spray of the perfume you like..haha. I just like it when certain person pass by and it leaves a good perfume smell, just like you have signature smell. Like when you get in the room or pass by everyone knows it's you cos of your signature smell? You know what I mean? hehe..I thought of getting Dolce&Gabanna perfume 2 nights ago, the light blue one but hey it's so expensive so I'm a bit hesitant to get one and considering it doesn't work for me no point getting expensive one. So there you go, instead of getting expensive ones I went to Next shop and found cheap and good smelling perfumes.

Rock Couture and Just Pink in their cute pink bottle. I tried the Just Pink one today and I seem to like it! *wink* I'm still dying to to get the Dolce&Gabanna light blue perfume though..hehe..Happy Week ahead! 

Saturday, 10 September 2011

R♥xy Bag and Flipflops for My Lovely Niece

Because we didn't get my niece any stuff when we sent the box, I thought we ought to give her something when we get to the Philippines. I just had trouble getting her anything cos she's a bit unclear of her shoe size or the like. Not that I don't know what she wants, I know really well what it is, it's just that I can't afford what she wants!haha( sorry inday ).Anyways for her not to get so much upset, I gave her the Amazon website and let her choose what she wants. and luckily she's been so good and just chose what just tita Coy and tito James can afford..hehe (love you Inday ♥wink♥). And she's not just considerate but thoughtful too, cos the stuffs she chose has my name in it..the signature brand.. R♥xy!

 This is the bag she chose, a R♥xy sunset sling bag. Very nice and colourful yet I forgot to tell her that there is a slight problem with this. Tell her when we chat, hope I wont forget *wink*

I got her this instead, the R♥xy If Ever small Cross Body Hip bag with black logo print which I thought will be a good match to her chosen black R♥xy flip flops

I've ordered these already through Amazon and hoping it'll arrive this week :). Hope she'll like them!


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Our Anniversary Countdown

Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Anniversary tickers Every night before I sleep, I never fail to thank God for the day I had. Whether it was a good or a bad day. And I know God was so pleased and happy about it, because HE decided to make my days perfect for the rest of my life....HE put my husband on it.