Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Last time when my sister and I chatted she mentioned to me that her friend Manang Grace who is also living here in the UK said that she will visit me before I leave to visit Philippines.She mentioned about a fitflops something which she said a special footwear that Manang Grace bought for her sister, and she might ask me if I could fit it in with my baggage to bring to the Philippines. Sounds like my sister was a bit keen of owning a fitflops as well, which I wonder why as obviously I don't have no knowledge at all. And just as I was browsing the net a while ago, I came across with this fitflops.Blimey it's expensive! But good news is, it is currently on sale at Boots, one of  the biggest UK's Health and Beauty Pharmacies. And there I know what are special with this fitflops..
Designs I like..if ever I get one( I wish..wink)!  

About FitFlop: FitFlop sandals are biomechanically engineered to absorb shock, lesson joint strain and recreate the gait of barefoot walking - but with a powerful new built-in Microwobbleboard™ mid sole technology which gives a workout-enhancing effect. FitFlops are where fashion and exercise collide.
Benefits of FitFlop: Every step you take in your FitFlop sandals when walking at a substantial pace can help to:
•Improve core muscle strength
•Absorb shock on your feet, knees and back
•Encourage better posture and stronger muscles
•Burns calories while you walk
•Mimics barefoot walking but with a little more of a challenge
•Improve muscle tone
•Strengthens and tones muscles in the feet, legs, buttocks, stomach and back
•Increases leg muscle activity and circulation.

More colours and designs in store at Boots.It's on sale so hurry now! 
Details of Fitflops taken from Boots Detailed Product Information..

Lady in White

As I randomly browsed my dashboard, I found this new meme called Wednesday Whites of Colors and Contrast blog by Raya. Sounds nice and interesting so I decided to join my first entry. And because it's white my wedding gown is the perfect example to share! *wink*

"I am beautiful for the one who loves me."
Special thanks to my very creative and talented friend  Erica Estember for making my gown before leaving to Canada! Cheers!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Pink Trainer for My Sistah!

Let's get Pink! luveeeeeet..(hehe). Nice to be back again here in Pink Friday. Have missed loads of weeks already but hoping to catch up as long as work doesn't comply my presence every Friday! *wink*  Anyways I've got this pretty pink Skechers trainer to share for my pink entry...


I oh so love this actually and was a bit in doubt giving it to my sistah.hehe..But she won I managed to separate my heart with it yet still can't help wanting one for myself. I love pink let's face it.. And anyways I have 3 trainers

Sharing this as my Pink Friday entry! Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Which is Which?

Two weddings in 1 month! Yes you heard it right, I'll be attending 2 weddings in 1 month. I'm so excited but somehow slightly worried due to this superstitious belief. Anyway there's no basis on this except from the movie of Kris and Claudine. Anyhow I don't want to think about it because in the end only God can determine what will happen to our lives not this silly superstitious belief! Anyways despite of of thinking this rubbish thing, I really have to decide what dress pattern to wear on both weddings. I have these dress patterns in mind for my sister's wedding;

Dress patterns taken from Mango online store.
What do you think of these patterns? Actually sissy's motif is blue and silver so lets assume this pink dress as blue with silver band on the lower breast just like on the photo. Not too exposed on the cleavage side cos that's the first thing sissy reminded me (perhaps she thinks I will flaunt what I've got..she knows me well enough..hehe) so I'll stick to that. *wink* . I think this would look simple yet elegant.. And the 2nd one lets assume the dress as blue and retain the silver strap thing. I like this actually but still contemplating about my big arms!(arrghhh). So what do you think will suit me? Your advice would be appreciated..*wink*

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hen Do + Birthday = Party!

If I think about my vacation to the Philippines, I have a lot of things in mind to do. Well of course first thing I really will do is to eat and eat and eat lots of Filipino foods..haha. Anyways on the other hand except from the 2 weddings that I am looking forward to, I am going to celebrate my 24th birthday with family and friends which is I'm very happy about. I asked my hunny if I could have party and of course he said yes! (wink). And another thing is that I'm thinking of giving my sistah a "hen-do" on the day of my birthday as well. I have a few ideas in mind already..(giggle). I'm going to organise a cream-tea party for the hen-do of my sistah, like I had in my wedding organised by my bridesmaid Emma. Very English I know but because I like cream-tea I want to share it as well to my friends. And so the first thing I need to do to make this happen is to learn how to make/bake scones.hehe..One of these days I hope to find time with mum in law to teach me. Guests should wear a floral dress with hat on, I want it really English!hehe..(syosa). Like this;

I think my friends will really enjoy this. A cup of tea with scones in a nice hot day! *wink*

This is the presentation.Wont cost much only have to bake the scones and whipped cream and jam, that's it!

And about my birthday party ideas, hmmmmmm... I would like a party in the evening with a red and black colour dress code with a net stocking. I might add a mascara with the theme cos my birthday always goes with the Masskara festival in our city. I'll hire a band and of course find a good food and drinks! wink.. hope I could well organise these 2 parties with the help of my siblings and friends.. ♥♥♥

Sunday, 14 August 2011

I Can't Wait..

 After 1 1/2 years finally I'll be coming back to my country.. Hunny and I already booked our tickets yesterday, so this is it! I can't wait, if only I can pull the days I will. I can't wait to see my Mama. To share a laugh with my siblings and cuddle my nieces and nephews. I can't wait to have bonding time with my friends, to catch up with my cousins and Aunts and Uncles. And one more thing, I can't wait to eat proper Filipino foods, my Mama dishes (weeh..wink)!  And above all I can't wait for the 2 big days of the 2 special persons in my life (smile..giggle). But for the moment, I have to do all my shifts at work so I could earn more para may ba-on!hehe..So excited..I hate to count the days but I can't help it! 54 days to go...♥♥♥*wink* ♥♥♥

Monday, 8 August 2011

Ang Buhay ko ay Nakaka...

Nong bata pa ako pangarap ko na talaga magtrabaho sa ibang bansa. Sa ganoong gulang alam na alam ko na na walang magandang buhay sa Pinas. Di naman sa konocondem ko ang aking bansa pero pag andon ka lang di sapat ang kita para sa buong pamilya. Sa awa naman ng Diyos andito ako di lang para magtrabaho kundi manirahan pa sa ibang bansa kasama ng napakabait kong kabiyak. (cheesy..bonggang bongga ang Tagalog ko!) Masaya naman ako dito sa totoo lang, kaya lang minsan di talaga maiwasan ma miss ang aking bansang sinilangan. Homesick, yan ang tawag nila. Ayoko talaga na binibisita ako ni boy homesick kasi depress talaga ako. Gaya nong isang gabi, pagkatapos kong matapos ang last day ng aking 4 na araw na streyt duty kahit makapgsalita di ko magawa dahil sa sobrang pagod. Di na nakakain at di manlang nakababa para mag "hi hello" sa bayaw ko. Deretso na sa kwarto, dahil ang unang unang pumasok sa ulo ko ay tulog. Pero sa kasamaang palad di naman ako makatulog, ang nangyari eh naiyak ako ng naiyak kasi I feel so alone. Siguro KSP lang talaga ako, di ako kasi pinansin ng jowa ko pagdating sa bahay medyo matagal tagal pa. Niwez kaya naisip ko ang buhay ko dito ay nakakabagot kasi alang gala masyado di gaya sa pinas pwedeng makipag chikahan sa neybor. Haay..Ang buhay ko dito ay nakakaloka, masyadong proper miss ko na ang burarang buhay sa Pinas.(haha) Ang buhay ko dito ay nakakalungkot din minsan. Walang aliw at tawanan pag galing sa trabaho na pagod kaya ramdam mo talaga ang sakit ng likod at paa. Haaay iba pa rin talaga ang buhay Pinas..NAKAKAMISS! :(

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Fun in the Park

Time check, 11:37pm past my bedtime but here I am wide awake still. I thought I'd be knackered by now, getting more sleep and rest after my oh so tiring 4 days straight shifts. What made me keep awake still, I don't know. It must have been the coffee I had in the nursing home when we visited grandma. Anyways since I'm still up I'd better hunt a photo for my Blue Monday entry *wink* 

hop hop hop!

Spin around Phoebs!

Spin more!

Swing and swing and swing!

Emilia and James 

These photos were taken during our holiday last month in Longleat. We had so much fun! Sharing these as my Blue Monday entry for the week..

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Koi in the Plaza

After a long while, I'm back and joining again Watery Wednesday meme. I've collected enough photos I think to join in for the next few weeks if I'm not that busy and tired after work. Anyways this is my entry for the week

I've taken these photos at the plaza in Longleat where we had our holiday. These koi are flocking  at the end bit of the indoor pond. Nice colours and quite a few are big :) must be so expensive.They look so lovely and fascinating to look at.

And another close shot with these colourful creatures.

Sharing this as my Watery Wednesday entry for the week..Thanks for dropping by! 

Facts About my Hunnybun after One Year of being Married! ♥♥♥
Three years ago I met this Yes our relationship all started online, and again because we were friends online before we met again 3 years ago. Bit complicated to think but yeah it is true. Having a relationship with someone online is not the easiest I should say. But here we are we made it, not so easy but we made things happen as what we wanted. I've got my visa, I lived here with him and for more than a year now we've been married. Lets see how much I know my hunnybun, what are the changes after 1 year of being married..*wink*

My bunny sleeps only in one position during the night, he sleeps on his front and only moves his head left or right. That's the only movement he does throughout the night I think, unlike me I always find myself at the bottom of the bed in the morning! But now he is managing to sleep on his back whilst hugging me, and he's moving a bit now he sometimes hit me with his elbow actually! grrr..
He is showering everyday now and sometimes twice if I'm lucky *wink* shhhhhh..
Drying himself takes even longer than showering..
He is as oily as a frying pan, you can fry potato on his forehead ate the end of the day..I always tell him..hehe
He has to brush his teeth with me bcos he will be in trouble if he wont!
I've managed to convinced him of closet overhauled which I'm very happy about..
Before when we play cards with his parents, he acts like a bad loser but now he's a bit calmer and sportsmanship is being observe a bit, he doesn't make so much comments like before. He still takes his time though esp.with rummikab!
Bad thing is that he can't watch as much crickets or his balls sports (as I call it) as he can before because I'm not so keen on them aside from tennis!
When I'm at home he does a lot of errands bcos I act like a princess , anyways I'm his princess! *wink*
He has to help me clean our room every quite often which he doesn't do to his room before as his room was like a store room more than a room when I arrived.
He doesn't seem to have time to go to his home group cos he picks me up to work.. :(
He eats slower with rice, whilst I eat faster when we have it ;)
He has to have extra space in his tummy cos he rescues me when I can't finish my food :D
He's learning Ilonggo, he can understand a few especially the naughty ones!haha
He burps like a dinosaur!
He can't stay angry with me, I'm too charming :P (toink!I hope he'll stay the same)
He doesn't know how to flirt, he flicks his eyebrows and for me it looks funny than seductive (haha..peace)
He's more alcoholic now cos I like to drink quite often and he can't resist! *wink*
He does clothes shopping more often now because I like it..*wink*

Can't believe it's already more than a year now that I've been married to a wonderful man..I feel blessed and lucky everyday :) Thank You Lord for this man!


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Our Anniversary Countdown

Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Anniversary tickers Every night before I sleep, I never fail to thank God for the day I had. Whether it was a good or a bad day. And I know God was so pleased and happy about it, because HE decided to make my days perfect for the rest of my life....HE put my husband on it.