Monday, 28 February 2011

A Lazy Monday

What a horrible Monday it is, gloomy, wet, and cold! Not a very good weather to start work and school I should say. And because of that I had a lazy start of day, woke up late, had breakfast late, and so haven't had a proper lunch since I was still full at lunch time. Actually it was really nice to stay in bed and sleep all day, just that I thought I'll be unfair with my MIL and I think it is really inappropriate (hehe) wouldn't it? Anyways, cos of the distressing weather we had today MIL and I decided to be lazy after all.hehe..We watched the BBC film Wives and Daughters which was written by Elizabeth Gaskell. I quite like the setting while we watched the film, I was sitting in front of the fireplace with a blanket with a cup of tea and biscuit (wink). Haay such a well spent day after all..We'll be watching last episode tomorrow, yet I hope the weather will be better, just like spring is coming soon! 

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Worship Day

Have you been to church today? Have you done your obligation as a Christian?Well, I have and what a lovely service we had. Our pastor preached about Ephesians 4:17 - 5: 2, if you want to listen to the sermon just click here. Would be good opportunity for you if you weren't able to attend church today.None Christians are very much welcome as well! And another thing let me share to you this wonderful Christian song I will offer up my Life by Matt Redman

Great and Blessed week ahead! See yah around  =)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

To All Women

Before I dozed off and abandon the night, I want to share to you this lovely poem or essay (if that's what you wanna call this, I don't know). To all women, Asians, Caucasians, Black or whatever race you are, this is for you...

 No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry. 
Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 
To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, 
so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful. 
Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.
There's always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting
and just be more careful about who you trust next time around. 
Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to. 
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll still land among the stars. 
Never be afraid to try something new. 
Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic!
Happiness is only in your heart so Love yourself..

This was sent to me by one of my very good friends Des Young (don't know if she can remember). But yes she sent this to me when we were still using friendster so I managed to keep it in my friendster blog. I don't know who wrote this but whoever he/she is this is a brilliant work! Sa mga broken-hearted diyan, feeling down and frustrated, keep this in mind..Xa cge goodnight! Sweet Dreams! Tsup!

Perfect Combination


Since I came here in England, I haven't had a taste of beer anymore. Aside from the fact that hunnybunch doesn't like it, people here are more keen on wines especially in special occasions. Unlike in my country, beer is very popular, it is everybody's favourite and I think most consumers are students!Anyways since I can't find a beer that suits my taste like San Miguel light or redhorse (hehe), Bunny introduced me this alcohol drink called "Cider". It is made of apple or pear and it is absolutely yummy to drink especially for the ladies. It is not as heavy or as strong as beer cos it is made of fruit whilst beer is made of rice. And oh I found a perfect nibble for it (pulutan)  sweet and spicy crispy squid from an Oriental shop. Perfect combination  whilst watching an episode of CSI! Yum! (wink)

An entry for this week's Yummy Sunday! Have a Great week!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Download Skype for Mobile

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

Living a thousand miles away from your family is quite hard.Often times you feel sad cos you missed them and at the end of the day you feel homesick. But these days there are many ways to get over it, you can ring and talk to them by phone, chat in facebook, yahoo, or better do a video chat in Skype! That's what I always do, video chat to my my siblings, mum, nieces and nephews via skype.In that way I could see them or vice versa and still be updated with their lives even though I'm a million miles away. And last week I found out that I could download Skype in my mobile. Yes, you heard it right, skype in a mobile.It depends what your mobile is though, skype mobile supports 3g phones, Android, iphone,Symbian (check here).I've got a Symbian phone so I was able to download it  and that means I can still go online and chat with my family and friends even though I'm not at home with the computer. Would be useful in emergencies or when we go somewhere like going holiday since we don't have lappy. It would be convenient and less cost for me to be in touch with friends and family! So what are you waiting for, check here how you can download skype for mobile!

Pinky Bloom

Friday again and it's time for another Pink Friday entry! It's my second week of joining this meme and I surely would love to come back every week! And because spring is nearly here, I will share to you this wonderful garden we went to on our honeymoon in Bakewell, Derbyshire. Actually this garden is just opposite the hotel where we stayed and it so beautiful cos it is in the middle of the city centre and there's benches in and out the garden where people could sit and enjoy looking at these gorgeous flowers. 


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Report of Marriage

Being married to a wonderful English man is one thing I profoundly thank God for. But as most of us here in blogging world with foreign husband know, the joy of being married and finally be with our man comes with a cost! From our hubbies travel, our wedding, processing of our visa and so on and so forth. A lot of things to do and prepare before and after marriage. It's a pain really especially the queuing and waiting in the visa centre and of course the cost of each paper works and visa! Bunny paid more than half a grand on my fiancee visa and last time I renewed my fiancee visa to spouse visa,it cost him another less than a grand! Oh well it doesn't end there, there's still one or two visa to be paid and some paper works or legalities to apply for. One is our Report of Marriage and the other is my passport Change of name.

I tell you what, we got a problem with this change of name when I applied for a job here. Because my passport is still in my maiden name  when I renewed my visa and so the UK Border followed my passport and still put my maiden name in my visa card even though I presented our marriage certificate. So when I applied for a job I of course used my Burr surname and that's when the problem came in cos in my records I am still Valeriano aside from my MC but I used Burr on my job application form. They said it would be complicated in my Criminal Check or some employers doesn't allow that so I need to change my name in my passport! It's just ridiculous cos as soon as I change my passport I have to report to UK Border again to have my visa change to my Burr surname and so another money to spend. Bunny and I were thinking if I could just change my name on my next visa renewal wherein I will be a permanent resident to save us money. But yet of course before I applied for change of name I still have to report our Marriage to Philippine Embassy since we have been married here. Two months ago we've been meaning to do it but was hanged cos we can't decide whether it's a sensible thing to do. Actually I've printed the form already, just need to complete the requirements now and arranged which way we apply it, by post or spare a time to go to London where Philippine Embassy is.Sometimes I joke my bunny about marrying me, that it is so expensive so he better behave. And he'll say to me " I won't find anyone else, I've invested too much from you!" haha..You see guys that's how hard being married to a foreign man, but of course aside from money it involves great trust, patience, perseverance and sureness big love to come to this stage! Wooot! :)

Born for You

Hmmm..interesting naman ang topic na to.hehe.."Hearts Everywhere"! Well, when I first met my hunny online medyo di ako sure if na attract ako sa kanya kasi payatot but I liked him kasi naka eye glasses siya. I always liked a man with eye glasses noon, parang plus pogi points kaya heto ngayon nakapag-asawa ako nang hindi makakita pagwalang eye glasses (toink!). Anyways honestly na inlab na talaga ako nun sa hunny ko on the first months of chatting online, bata pa ksi ako nun kaya siguro!haha..We stayed friends by then, yaw ko naman aminin noh anu sya conservative ako noh!(wink). And yon we lost contact for many years, kala ko may asawa na mukong na to but I think God had really good plans for us. He wanted us to meet again sa age na alam na namin kung anu gusto namin. So there in 2008 we were back to each other, and right then palagi na akong puyat sa kakachat!haha..But it's so worth it, nagblooming ako, feeling ko I was walking in hearts. Got this feeling na you want your life to start over na with him bcos you know that your real life is much better than a dream? Remember ko pa nun nong di pa kami nagmeet in person may mga photos akong enidit na nilalagay yong mukha namin sa body nang ibang tao para as if magkasama na kmi sa photo!haha..tatawa ako pag naalala ko. Sabi ko nga loka-loka na ako na-iinlab sa tao na I haven't meet or seen in person. But dream come true we met and yon lalo lang ako naloka sa hunny ko at sya rin mas lalo naloka sa akin! (wink!..haha). Proud na proud ako na sa scarcity of good men may naisantabi si God na isa for me. And everyday I never fail to thank him for that, I know it was written in the stars na maging kami. We lived and brought up in distance, in different culture and beliefs yet our ways crossed dahil? When God made my hunny, He was already thinking about me..kaya the space in his hands fits mine! =) EchuS

Magpakilig at Makilig dito sa Couples Corner!Salamat!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Royal Wedding

 Not so long now until the big royal celebration here in Britain,  the wedding of prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple will tie the knot this 29th of April 2011. Prince William proposed to Kate November last year in Kenya and presented her Princess Diana's engagement ring which is now valued to be £250,000! Whew, that's gonna be nearly 15,000,000 php! Plans and details for the grand royal wedding are all over the news. The service will start at 11 am on the 29 April in Westminster Abbey and will be conducted by the dean of the abbey, Very Rev.John Hall and the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams will marry the couple.Prince Harry has said to be prince William's best man and Kate's sister (I forgot the name) is her made of honour. They will 1900 guests, the popular one I know are David and Victoria Beckham. I read in the news that the royal couple doesn't want a lavish gifts from their guests but instead a donation to the charity. And for the honeymoon details they said they will be frugal in choosing their honeymoon destination since Britain is in great recession at the moment. I think they are going to Scilly Isles (wherever it is, I don't know!hehe) Many Britons are excited already for the royal celebration. Others are now preparing on how they will celebrate the special day. Kate and prince William's memorabilia are everywhere. Plates, mugs, hats, saucer, name it they've got it all in the souvenir shops. But anyway, what I'm excited to see is Kate's wedding gown (wink!). It would be nice experience for me witnessing a royal wedding, I'll see how enthusiastic Britons will be on that day.hehe..I remember princess Diana and prince Charles wedding being aired in our country, or I wasn't born yet when that happened? (confused) Oh well lets see how the royal wedding will go and for sure I'm gonna share it here again to you!

Nintendo Wii Console

With this growing high technology world we are living, it's hard to say you have nothing to do to keep yourself busy when you are a stay at home mum or wife. Aside from daily household chores and some personal errand to do, gadgets are always there to to keep you busy and entertained. Or for most of the mummies out there your kids/kid would sometimes be enough to occupy your whole day, and oh blogging of course (wink)! But in my case a stay at home wife without a kid yet, sometimes I struggle to entertain myself. Doesn't happen most of the time but it's a nuisance when I feel bored cos I think too much and at the end of the day I feel frustrated. With so many things I wanted to do that I can't do! Oh well there's more than enough things in this house that could entertain me, blogging, facebook, chatting with family sometimes, watching film with MIL, clean our room, fiddle my phone, or reading. So who would say I am still struggling to entertain myself?hehe.

As a matter of fact, another entertainment has made me busy since Christmas. This wii console with wii fit and wii sports that bunny and I gave to my PIL last Christmas. We thought they deserve a big gift from us since they've been so generous and good to us all this time. WE'll buy our own when we have our own house, anyway I'm loving it and my bunny loves it more! hehe..It has a lot to offer to entertain you, and losing some weight while having some fun. Isn't it great? With the wii fit you can do jogging whilst inside your house,watching tele or listening to some music. There's yoga in it (haven't tried yet), balance game like table tilt, skiing, or the bubble balance which is my favourite. There's aerobic as well which you can do the jogging as I said, hula hoop and steps. A lot of fun games for your little ones as well like the penguin catch and obstacle course and many more. And if you think I'm done, oh no be sporty with the wii sports. Play some tennis, golf, baseball, boxing and bowling indoor, in your won house! You can do some training or wii sports fit and see your speed, skills and balance! I'm getting better at tennis, and bowling, have to practice more in baseball and now I'm loving boxing, knocked out a few!hehe.. So what are you waiting for, be fit, be sporty and have fun in your own house with the Nintendo Wii Console!  

Monday, 21 February 2011

Red Matters!

Ruby Tuesday once again and here I am for another red entry because Red matters!


And for this week entry, a photo of bunny and I in red during Rob and Jay's (bunny's cousin) wedding last October. And sharing you as well some of my red things, my red bolero, red purse, red shoes and my red brolly!

 Come and share your reds in Ruby Tuesday hosted by Mary at Work of the Poet! Good day!

Electric Toothbrush


It's Blue Monday again! How's your weekend guys? Mine wasn't that exciting, just stayed home and kept myself busy with my hunny. Anyways my blue entry this week is this Braun electric toothbrush which my bunny got last Christmas. This was given to him by grandpa, but I am using it now since he got one already. I don't really want this electric toothbrush thingy cos I think it's just for lazy people.haha..Like just hold it in your mouth and it'll move itself. But now I know the main purpose of it really is to help protect your teeth and gums from hard brushing (which I do).This has a pressure control installed, if too much pressure applied, the red sensor lights to remind you to reduce the pressure. It has a professional timer, a short stuttering sound at 30-seconds intervals reminds you to brush your teeth equally all four quadrants of your mouth. You can set its brushing mode in Daily clean, Sensitive and Polish/whitening. It is rechargeable which takes really long.  I like using it now cos I can really see and feel that my teeth are shiny and clean. The only nuisance is, the vibration gives me headache! 

Sharing this in Blue Monday at Smiling Sally!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Our Valentines Day Dinner

Yummylicious Sunday! If I'm not mistaken I think it's my first time to join in this meme. Or maybe not, not sure.(hehe) Anyways I wanna share our yummy Valentines dinner which my PIL arranged last Monday preferably my mother in law, I helped her a


We had dine in for two from Marks and Spencer which is for £20.00 you will have a starter, main course,side dish, pudding,bottle of wine and a box chocolate! So we had salmon mouse for starter (that was yummy!), lamb chop with pine nuts, meatballs, spicy potato and chips side dish and MIL made some fresh vege and a bottle of white wine. And of course for pudding we had lemon souffle and chocolate melted something, can't remember but it was yummy. I like our table setting and the purple carnation flower centre piece with candle light, to make it more romantic! We had a fantastic Valentines dinner to end it up with, thanks to my PIL! =)

My entry for Yummy Sunday! Have a delicious week!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

For My Hunnybunch.. =)

 I Love You

I love you even if we are world apart.
I love you despite our separate lives.
I love you in every little things you do.
I love the way you make me feel special.

I love the way you smile
The way you look and talk.
I love you..with or without your glasses on
I love the way you look at my eyes and tell me it's beautiful.
I love it when you blow me a kiss on cam.
I love the way you tell me how much you love and missed me.
I love it when you call me your wifey and view your future with me.
I love it when you take a day of at work just to spend it with me...
I love the way you laugh at my jokes.
I love the naughty smile you give me when I tease you.
And I love the sweet nothings we always share..

I'd be happy to hold your hand in bad times
and laugh with you in good times.
I will embrace you even at your worst
hug you and kiss you if you have bad day at work.
I will sing with you your favorite song.
Cook for you your favorite food.
I love you..and will never be tired to remind you.
I love you..even though your hair will get bald.
I love you..always,till your hair grows whit.
I love lies,no hesitations, no doubts!

Who's the author? Of course Me moi! I dug this out of my friendster blog. Looked at the date and it says I posted it 12 of Feb 2009, been a while.I love composing poems, through it I could express what I feel. I'm a loner before and even now I always like Me Moment sometime. I made a few poems and one of them is this, which obviously I made for my Hunnybunch whilst we're on our Long Distance Love =) Haay, so delighted I dug this up! Oh what a shame I should have posted it last Valentines day!hmmp!

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Our Anniversary Countdown

Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Anniversary tickers Every night before I sleep, I never fail to thank God for the day I had. Whether it was a good or a bad day. And I know God was so pleased and happy about it, because HE decided to make my days perfect for the rest of my life....HE put my husband on it.