Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Si Roxxy as a Daughter..

Back again at Couples corner, how time flies, good thing I'm always off at Wednesdays to do my weekly post in CC. Anyways I don't how my husband sees me as a daughter, di ko siya tinanong and ayoko siyang tanungin kasi LQ kami (che!)!! Sa view ko nalang ate Liz pwede?hehe..Sigurado ako my husband will agree *wink*
Mama's little girl.. : ( I miss you Mama

As the youngest, close ako sa Mama ko, of course di ako mabuhay ng wala ang Mama ko with me noon. I'm not an ideal daughter I can say but nevertheless I'm not a rebel one (just once). Once in my life naging masunurin din naman ako, naging ideal din siguro perhaps. When I was in elementary and highschool I'm one of the kids who made their Mama & Papa proud. Lagi akong nasa stage at the end of the school term, laging my honour, kaya laging my gift from my Papa who was working abroad by then. He's my number one fan, kitang kita ko talaga noon how proud my Papa was to me especially every time I showed him my report card. But as an ordinary teenager I came to the point na nagrebelde din ako, you know you came to the age na your mum who used to you best friend eh naging enemy mo na. every words na manggaling sa kanya eh nagpapkulo ng dugo mo. But then as I grow older, I realise that my parents, my mum is everything to me. I realised it more when I lost my Papa. And even more when I got married and lived away from home. When I got my visa, I thought I would be happy cos finally i'll be with the man I love, perhaps I was just that I realised it means living away from home and being away from my mama. Naisip ko sa 22years ng buhay ko di pa ako nahiwalay sa Mama ko, pano kaya ako mabubuhay, di ako marunong magluto.(huhu) I even reached to the point that I wanna tell my husband na di nalang ako sasama di ko pala kaya, but in the other hand I thought heto rin lang yong chance ko na mabigyan sila ng magandang buhay especially my Mama. I promised that I'll give here a comfortable life that my Papa wasn't able to experience. I miss him lots everyday, but I need to keep going, my Mama pa ako and now is my chance to give her the best life and the life she deserve after all. Kaya sasabihin ng jowa ko na I'm so generous when it comes to my family, they always come first, I love them very much and always missing them. (madrama to te ha..hehe) See you next week!

 Magdrama na din kayo dito sa Couples corner hosted by ate Liz! *wink*

6 Thoughtful thoughts for Roxxy:

Halie said...

Maraming nagsasabi na kaya daw tiisin ng mga anak ang mga magulang, I think sila kaya nila. There are children na hindi man sabihin kung ano yung nararamdaman eh gagawin naman ang lahat to help their parents.

Mommy Liz said...

Napaluha nga ako sa kwento mo. Bakit nga kaya kapag kapag nag teen ager na, magkaaway na ang parents at mga anak. Kasi naman, yan na yung time na may manliligaw na, tapso babawalin ng parents kasi bata pa, magrebelde naman ang mga kids. Hay.. Well, like what you said, this is your chance to give your Mama the comfortable life that your father never had. Wala namang perfect daughter eh, lahat tayo at one point in time eh nagrebelde..oh di ba?

tejan said... reading it... you are not alone..importante love natin momma natin:)

mine is up too!

Jenny Blogger said...

hindi naman tayo perfect daughter pero di ba hindi din naman tayo rebelde or nagbigay ng super sakit sa ulo sa parents natin.

My siblings grew up few miles aways from our parents due to some NPA issues pero we made sure na maging proud parents namin sa amin.

Kahit ngayon na malayo na ako sa mama ko, i'll make sure na pinapakita or sinasabi ko na love ko mama ko..

Up na rin sakin sis...

Kim, USA said...

Sorry for the loss of your Dad. Our parents indeed is our strength too and we are fortunate we have parents who loved us. ^_^ Mine is up!

Couples Corner

simply kim said...

that was so nice.. i guess, even the best and the kindest of us, daughters,experience to contradict our mothers sometimes. but of course it doesn't mean we don't love our moms. it's just that there comes a point when we differ from our moms one way or another..

my ENTRY is up by the way..


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